Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) Management

Fuel Facility Management’s leadership team manages numerous CONRAC facilities, including the largest in the country, the Orlando International Airport.

FFM has developed the methods, procedures, and key personnel required to successfully manage and operate all associated CONRAC-based services for rental car facilities. The high volume of fueling, washing, and vacuuming; the large number of vehicles; and the number of stakeholders involved, requires a professional operator with the right personnel and experience.

While consistently providing a high level of service as CONRAC Manager, FFM maintains uninterrupted operations at the CONRACs we operate. We understand the top priorities for rental car companies, which include:

  • Having the cars continuously serviced and readied for new customers while avoiding any disruption to operations.
  • Continuously seeking methods to reduce costs across all operational areas.
  • Implementing an effective preventative maintenance program to ensure all equipment is well maintained based on the manufacturers’ recommendations and FFM’s experience.
  • Effectively managing unplanned issues and service requests with minimum impact on the rental car companies.

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Our Services

Management Experience

At the onset of every new CONRAC management service, FFM prepares and organizes a qualified team to ensure the succ …

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Operations & Maintenance

As the complexities of managing a full service CONRAC facility advances through technology innovations, FFM has kep …

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Conrac QTA Design Consultants

Throughout our over 13 years of managing CONRACs, FFM’s mission has been to continuously develop new and improved …

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Car Wash

FFM is very familiar with maintaining wash bays, windshield washer systems, and vacuum systems at ConRac facilities …

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Fuel Management

Fuel Management is a key component of FFM operations. Our fuel management program provides fuel system management, …

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Aware of the needs of the rental car industry for quality lubricants at competitive prices, and cognizant of the pr …

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