Conrac QTA Design Consultants

Throughout our 13 years managing CONRACs, FFM’s mission has been to continuously develop new and improved ideas for managing more efficiently. As one of the first CONRAC management and operations companies, many of our ideas have been implemented at other airports. Design engineers have consulted with FFM throughout the development process to incorporate these ideas when designing their next CONRAC.

Leading Design Experts

FFM is one of the few specialists in this industry that has experience from design and construction to managing and operating. We have become leading experts in the industry at saving money by incorporating proven ideas into the initial design vs. making costly changes during or after construction. At the management stage, FFM partners with the airport and local managers to discuss the best service providers in the area, and then bids out the service among the best. Price is never the only factor—the company must have a proven record of reliable service with an attitude of customer satisfaction. We know that any downtime building systems or any disruptions to counter service or drive lanes influences the customers’ ability to have the best experience possible, and reflects on the airport and the rental car companies.

We have participated on design teams with three major airports and several smaller airports specializing in fuel systems for Consolidated Rental Car Facilities. Our knowledge and experience with the equipment and the fuel systems enables us to save the airport and the rental car agencies thousands of dollars by installing the right equipment the first time. Many airports have spent unnecessary dollars correcting essential design flaws that affected operations, which were identified only after the system was completed. FFM is able to help avoid these mistakes.

Cost-Effective Procurement

As a representative of the airport and rental car agencies, FFM makes sure that its procurements include:

  • Agreements in writing with sub-contractors that protect all interests.
  • Choosing vendors with proven records of reliable and quality service.
  • Partnering with airport and local managers for input, but then bidding the service among companies with proven track records.
  • Making sure that all vendors understand the scope of work, airport rules and regulations, and have response times built into their agreements.
  • Knowing which parts of the facility require specific vendors due to warranty and specialized work requirements, for example, escalators and elevators, and then working with those vendors to make sure the CONRAC members assets are protected, but at the same time, not paying for unnecessary warranty items.
  • Stocking parts that are not readily available, so that vendors can come in immediately and charge only for labor, rather than waiting overnight for parts, thereby avoiding costly delays.

When maintaining a facility with complex entities, one manager cannot self-perform all duties. FFM knows that it will be using industry experts for some of the building maintenance and strives to build solid relationships with those vendors, which also helps to drive down costs.