Fuel Management

Fuel Management is a key component of FFM operations. Our fuel management program provides fuel system management, maintenance, emergency services, environmental compliance, and repairs to support the on-going fuel needs of CONRAC facilities. FFM’s President, Janet Hoose, has been working with fuel vendors, fuel pricing, and fuel bids for more than 41 years. As General Manager of one of the largest fuel distributors in the Southeast, fuel management was one of her core responsibilities. Our Vice President, John Jeremiah, is licensed as a petroleum contractor and tank tester. He has built CONRACs and previously owned his own company that served this industry. Numerous airports and consultants from around the country continue to consult with John when putting together plans for a new CONRAC.

FFM specializes in all types of fleet fueling facilities. Whether it is a Consolidated Rental Car Facility with 235 hose positions or a facility with six (6) hose positions with a need for managed fueling, we work with your team to come up with the right system for your facility. On smaller fleet fueling systems, we design, construct, install, and manage these facilities. For larger fleet facilities, we consult, analyze electrical and equipment plans, and manage the construction. After the facility is completed, we also manage the fleet fueling systems.

In the 13 years FFM has been operating CONRACs, we are proud to say that we have never let any of our managed facilities run out of fuel. This is true even while experiencing several hurricanes, numerous terminal outages, and truck strikes—we have been through it all. We know that one of the RAC’s main priorities is “Never Run Out of Fuel,” and we honor that priority by making it an FFM commitment. Moreover, FFM’s unique methodology eliminates the middle person and, instead, passes the savings on to the CONRAC members.


FFM understands that commissioning is a critical part in getting a fleet fueling system up and running. Most petroleum contractors commission service stations that lack experience in large fleet fueling facilities. FFM has over 23 years of experience in commissioning large fleet fueling facilities and we know the obstacles and solutions required to get these facilities up and running. Our experience with this type of equipment makes the startup transition relatively pain free for our clients.