Aware of the needs of the rental car industry for quality lubricants at competitive prices, and cognizant of the preference of the rental car industry to choose to work with an ACDBE company and follow their company’s model of providing opportunities to small businesses, Chevron reached out to FFM. With FFM’s positive reputation in the industry and our president’s experience as an oil marketer and sales manager, and our company’s position currently servicing the rental car industry, it was a natural fit.

We understand that the current pricing and the quality available at many sites are questionable. Under FFM’s new national accounts program with Chevron, we can guarantee that CONRAC facilities throughout the country will have access to quality products at the best prices.

FFM’s Lubricant Program

Many facilities need a program to source and dispose of their lubricants. With FFM’s Lubricants Program, we can set up a method that can fit your individual recycling commitments and properly dispose of used product. By teaming with Chevron, we have access to a fully-integrated manufacturer who manufactures the base oil and additives, and then creates the lubricant blends as finished products.

With FFM as a “best in class” distributor, we are able to help manage your supply chain by providing a single source of supply for your lubricant needs.