FFM’s Management Team

At the onset of every new CONRAC management service, FFM prepares and organizes a qualified team to ensure the success of the new CONRAC facility. FFM assigns an experienced site manager trained in all operations at an existing facility who gives full attention to managing and operating the new CONRAC. As an experienced manager with a working knowledge of the equipment and systems installed, FFM’s site manager will be able to immediately assess the facility’s operational requirements.

During the pre-operation phase or Start Up, FFM will provide trained personnel from one of our other facility operations to act as a Start Up Team and work through the initial milestones. By dedicating the necessary management and personnel resources, FFM’s Start Up Team will lay the groundwork for a smooth, cost effective start to operations. Team members will develop a detailed budget and scope of services for all preventive maintenance, repairs, emergency repairs, and service contracts and negotiations. This same Start Up Team has experience in the successful setup, registration, programming, and commissioning of fuel systems, wash bays, building equipment, and other ancillary systems associated with rental car facilities at two of the largest CONRACs in the country.

FFM’s Management Team is accustomed to working in all areas of CONRAC operations, which allows us to transition from construction to operation to maintenance, including assisting the contractor for the specific needs of the RACs while making sure that all facility obligations are met. Important for transition purposes, FFM is experienced, task–oriented, and proficient in staffing, office set up, establishing network communications, completing registration, insurance, setting up and troubleshooting equipment, and all other requirements necessary for a successful startup of operations.

CONRAC Management Experience

FFM implemented and now provides full-service CONRAC management and operational services to the following organizations:

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority – Orlando International Airport. Orlando has the largest CONRAC in the U.S., with 4.5 million square feet, not including the parking facility. It has two locations spanning miles of parking and roadways, including 105 dispensers, 210 fueling positions, 26 car washes, 48 vacuum systems, associated vehicle systems, fire sprinkler/alarm system, and storage and tagging of 6,600 rental cars. Each month this CONRAC processes more than 300,000 vehicles.

Broward County Aviation Department – F. Lauderdale International Airport. One of the largest CONRACs in the U.S., it is a 4.5 million square foot, 9-floor mixed-use facility. The main level is a quick turnaround area for the rental car companies and includes a maintenance and repair area with fueling, washing, vacuuming, associated vehicle systems, and staging for up to 1,000 rental cars. The QTA area includes an overall fueling system with 63 fuel pumps, 126 fueling positions, smoke exhaust system, and fire suppression systems, with staging and storage for 5,000 cars. As CONRAC manager, FFM processes over 210,000 vehicles per month.

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority – Tampa International Airport. The TPA CONRAC is a 2.3 million square foot facility. The QTA is on the ground floor and consists of 48 fueling positions, 13 car wash bays, vacuum system, associated vehicle systems, and storage and staging for 3,840 rental cars; and processes 165,000 vehicles per month.

Memphis-Shelby International Airport. The Memphis-Shelby CONRAC is a 12 acre, 1.9 million square foot facility consisting of two levels in the Ground Transportation Center. The QTA is located just outside the parking garage under canopy and includes fueling, washing, vacuuming, associated vehicle systems, and staging and storage for up to 1,500 rental cars, and includes 24 fueling positions, 6 car wash bays, and processes over 35,000 vehicles per month.

San Antonio Airport The San Antonio Airport is 1.8-million-square-feet CONRAC facility that houses 14 rental car companies, a quick turnaround area for fueling, vacuuming, washing and light maintenance, and approximately 2,600 ready/return parking spaces. Each of the three rental car operational levels contain approximately 237,000 square feet with 650 ready return parking spaces, a total of approximately 712,000 square feet and approximately 1,950 ready return spaces. The three QTA levels include a total of 12 Car Wash Bays, 12 Maintenance Bays, and 27 Fuel Dispensers (54 hose positions).