Operations & Maintenance

As the complexities of managing a full service CONRAC facility advances through technology innovations, FFM has kept pace, not only with innovative mechanical and operational tools and equipment, but also by implementing its Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Through its CMMS, FFM’s CONRAC operations are able to track all parts, maintenance, and repairs conducted throughout the facility and monitor the system to identify any potential issues that may arise before any problems occur. We are able to monitor the fueling process to ensure alignment with both regulatory requirements and compliance, update management, and source the most cost-effective product. Our reporting, invoicing, and inventory tracking enables on time scheduling of maintenance and repairs, which provides preventative measures and prolongs the lifecycle of equipment, further reducing overall costs for the facility.

We are able to manage both common use and exclusive use through the CMMS system for easy tracking and billing. At many CONRACs, each company is its own entity and may have individual preferences and do things in their own way. FFM works with each Member to accommodate those individual needs.

Service Priorities

A positive customer experience is the key to a successful ConRAC.

  • Clean restrooms
  • Easy access to the Ready Return areas
  • Well lit and pleasing customer counters
  • Ease of renting and returning the car
  • Safe environment when entering all customer access areas to ConRAC

Supervisory Team

FFM’s Supervisory Team includes licensed electricians specializing in CONRACs, a licensed tank testing expert, a licensed petroleum contractor, certified petroleum equipment technicians, certified tank monitoring technicians, car wash repair technicians, building and maintenance experts, and a lubrication and fuel specialist. These in-house experts enable us to quickly identify the cause of a problem and fix it immediately or quickly engage the right service provider to assist with the repairs.

Integrated Facility Management of all CONRAC Services

FFM has the knowledge, experience, and skills required to operate and manage all types of CONRAC facilities, as well as any related parking facility. Services include:

  • CONRAC Manager – Integrated Facility Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
    • HVAC
    • Fuel Systems Maintenance
    • Lube System Maintenance
    • Car Wash
    • Lighting and Signage Management
    • Floor Care Management
    • Janitorial Management
    • Trash & Recycling Program
    • Elevators/Escalator Maintenance
    • Pest Control Program
    • Shared Utilities
    • Parking Surfaces Program
    • Security Program
  • Conrac QTA Design Consultants
  • Fuel Management
  • Lubricants

We are able to manage, track, and expedite both common use and exclusive use areas with the support of our Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) system. We understand that in a consolidated facility, and within most CONRACs, each company is its own entity and may have individual preferences and do things in their own way. FFM is experienced at working with each CONRAC member to accommodate those individual needs.

Safety First

Indoor multi-level facilities are often prone to accidents because of oil, soap, and water from the car wash, together with cars using a ramp to the ready-return at high speed, thereby creating a highly hazardous environment. FFM has experience working with the airport authority and RAC’s to set up successful programs based on the concept of safety first. We have been so successful reducing incidents that nearby airports have asked to visit our facility to discuss FFM’s approach and see how they might implement a similar program.